Letter Home

So this last week we had a pretty cool experience.
We were going by our investigator “G”. I love that man. He is one of the Cubans.
We went by and we just talked for a bit.
We talked about family and life in Cuba. It was good.
He showed me a picture of His wife and daughter and I showed him some pictures of our family.
After we talked for a bit we asked if he had had the chance to pray and know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet.
This is what he told us; “I am going to be sincere with you guys.”
Well, at this point I wasn’t sure if this was going to be positive or negative but I didn’t feel worried, I felt calm the spirit was there.
He went on, “I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and lately I have been praying to know if it really is God’s book, to really know for myself like you said. Well I think I received my concrete evidence.”
We asked him if he knew the Book of Mormon was true and he told us yes.
I have never had an experience like this before.
For me, this is probably the coolest experience of the mission so far!
I really love that man. He told us we are like family which was a nice thing to say.
I pray that I may continue to be guided by the Holy Ghost as we teach him. I am very aware that I have weaknesses but God shows us our weaknesses to show us were the power of our words is coming from. I need to be faithful and trust in the Lord.