Another Good Day!

“G” was baptized and it was awesome!
Next week he’ll recieve the priesthood. Happy day!
We ran out of miles on Halloween and the day before, so we walked. I was fine with that. Something different.
My jacket and my bag with scriptures, hymn book, and a few of the pictures you sent to me were stolen. Our trunk to the car sometimes pops open. From now on anything I don’t want stolen goes in the back seat of the car. So that is why I bought a new jacket at Marshals.
I don’t have any Spanish scriptures to study with anymore. I feel a little bad asking but I cant get any scriptures here except the kind we hand out.  Would it be alright if you sent some Spanish scriptures sent to me? 🙂
Thanks for praying for me, I know I am being watched over. I love you mom!