Another Good Day!

“G” was baptized and it was awesome!
Next week he’ll recieve the priesthood. Happy day!
We ran out of miles on Halloween and the day before, so we walked. I was fine with that. Something different.
My jacket and my bag with scriptures, hymn book, and a few of the pictures you sent to me were stolen. Our trunk to the car sometimes pops open. From now on anything I don’t want stolen goes in the back seat of the car. So that is why I bought a new jacket at Marshals.
I don’t have any Spanish scriptures to study with anymore. I feel a little bad asking but I cant get any scriptures here except the kind we hand out.  Would it be alright if you sent some Spanish scriptures sent to me? 🙂
Thanks for praying for me, I know I am being watched over. I love you mom!

Letter Home

So this last week we had a pretty cool experience.
We were going by our investigator “G”. I love that man. He is one of the Cubans.
We went by and we just talked for a bit.
We talked about family and life in Cuba. It was good.
He showed me a picture of His wife and daughter and I showed him some pictures of our family.
After we talked for a bit we asked if he had had the chance to pray and know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet.
This is what he told us; “I am going to be sincere with you guys.”
Well, at this point I wasn’t sure if this was going to be positive or negative but I didn’t feel worried, I felt calm the spirit was there.
He went on, “I have been reading in the Book of Mormon and lately I have been praying to know if it really is God’s book, to really know for myself like you said. Well I think I received my concrete evidence.”
We asked him if he knew the Book of Mormon was true and he told us yes.
I have never had an experience like this before.
For me, this is probably the coolest experience of the mission so far!
I really love that man. He told us we are like family which was a nice thing to say.
I pray that I may continue to be guided by the Holy Ghost as we teach him. I am very aware that I have weaknesses but God shows us our weaknesses to show us were the power of our words is coming from. I need to be faithful and trust in the Lord.