Conference Week-end

Conference was really awesome!
I didn’t watch the first half of the first session on Saturday because we were helping an investigator find the stake center, but I watched the second half of it in Spanish, priesthood session in Spanish, and both sessions on Sunday in Spanish. It was good.
This was the first time I watched conference in Spanish. I understood a good amount of it, but I would like to watch them in English sometime soon.
Good things happened, we had 7 investigators come and watch conference with us, so that is great.
I remember liking a lot of the talks. I liked Uchtdorf’s  talk on Saturday. I liked Eyrings talk a lot too. I always love listening to Elder Holland. I just like the way he speaks. I liked Elder Oaks talk, as well. Conference is awesome!
We are doing well. It is different having 3 of us together, but we are doing well.
This upcoming Saturday a family is going to be baptized…We are stoked!
Next week I will give a talk on faith in sacrament meeting. That should be fun.
Elder Carpenter and Elder Ward both went to school and BYU, and have been working hard to bring me over to the dark side, haha. Just kidding. But they have been talking a lot about BYU and it sounds pretty fun. Im not spending lots of time thinking about that but they told me that I should have you guys look into what would need to be done to go to school there.

Well That is what is going on.